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Bunny Bubbleshooter 3

By the third level of Bubble - Bunny you're sure to have seen our great bubble popping bonuses when you get multiple bubbles to pop at a time and the fun items to fall down into the bubbleshooter meadow. You can extra points for a Big Pop, which each time gives you 1,000 extra bubble points! The Huge Pop on Bubble - Bunny will give you a whopping 5,000 extra bubble points, and the best of the best, the BUBBLE BLOOM, will award you a whole 10,000 extra bubble bunny points to put towar your ultimate top score! Level three on Bubble Bunny is a great way to stack up these special bonuses as you can very easily knock down multiple bubbles in one shot many times throughout the game. So play hard and get many bubble bonuses while you play Bubble-Bunny today!

Bubbleshooter Bunny Fun

  • Get a Big Pop to earn 1000 extra bubble bunny points
  • Get a Huge Pop to receive 5000 bubble bunny points
  • Get a Bubble Bloom to be awarded 10,000 bubble bunny bubbleshooter points!

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